75 years of history in the manufacturing of chemicals for the tanning industry.
Founded in Turin in 1935, SEICI Spa has maintained through the years its trait of a family company dedicated to the leather world.
In 1975, the plant has been transferred to Leinμ, next to Turin, on a surface of about 18,000 square meters where we manufacture almost all the products marketed by the company.
The synthesis area includes 30 reactors, of which 8 enamelled, with a capacity that goes from 4 to 25 cubic metres giving a potential Liquids production of 30.000 tons per year.
This section also feeds the atomizer unit, where we hold a Niro spray dry and a Vomm turbo dryer for the powder production.
The priority given to the manufacturing of eco-friendly products has been endorsed since the nineties by the Certification ISO 14001.
Our range of product can be divided in four large families: Synthetic Tannins (liquid and powder), Resins, Fat Liquors and Auxiliaries. This includes naphtalene sulphonic as well as phenol and sulphone based tannins, acrylic based retanning resins, styrene-maleic, melamine, dicyandiamide and urea-formaldehyde, oils and fat-liquors, beamhouse auxiliary products, anti-wrinkle, deliming and masking agents.
Today 70% of our turnover comes from exporting to more than 40 countries, in most of which we maintain a strong and stable presence since decades.

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